So, what’s this site all about, then?

Sense of Science is a science blog in the broadest sense of the word.  It is a blog about science.  It is about making sense of science in a way that non-scientists can understand and appreciate.  More than that, it is about GIVING non-scientists a sense of science:  a sixth sense, a SCIENCE SENSE.

You don’t need a Ph.D. to be an appropriately skeptical reader or to know how to fact check the latest health supplement fad, or to understand why we haven’t cured (all) cancer yet.  Our world is FULL of science.  You hear it and interact with it every day.  It’s in your doctor’s office, in the supermarket, in your cleaning cabinet, in your reading material, and in every dollar of taxes you pay.  People use it as the reason their drug is better than that other company’s or why you should eat your brussel sprouts.  But how many times do you really understand the reasoning behind those scientific claims?  Or do you feel like you’re always taking the word of people who constantly gush about how something is “scientifically proven”?

Did you ever ask HOW something is scientifically proven?  You should.  It’s your health, your world, and your decision.  Why take someone else’s word on it?

Science is not a closed system.  You can be part of it.  Everyone can.  That’s what this blog is about.

In many ways, though, this will also be a personal blog in ways that all blogs are personal:  I will write about things I find interesting, personally.  As I am a biochemist, molecular biologist, and microbiologist by training, those subjects might pop up more often than, say, nuclear physics.

But above all, I like to think that I’m a scientist.  I’m a reasoner, a thinker, a logic-and-tool-user.  And so are you.  So…welcome!  Let’s talk science.

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