Tattoos of the Useful Kind

Imagine if, instead of being hooked up to machines to monitor your brainwaves, heart, etc., instead your doctor gave you a tiny patch that could take those readings wherever you were and wirelessly send them back to the doctor’s office?  We have the technology! 

“a team of engineers and scientists has developed a new type of ultra-thin, self-adhesive electronics device that can effectively measure data about the human heart, brain waves and muscle activity – all without the use of bulky equipment, conductive fluids, or glues.” – via the National Science Foundation.

Be sure to check out the (tiny) video in the top right corner, where it shows how the device goes on and comes off.  Its components (bonafide sensors, receivers, wires, etc.) are so tiny and flexible that it goes on and comes off just like a temporary tattoo and can stretch with your skin.

The measuring part works.  They’re still looking into the wireless communication part.  As well as finding a way to power it for more than a day or so.  But still.  Ain’t technology keen?

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2 Responses to Tattoos of the Useful Kind

  1. College & Other Pesky Things says:

    Wow. This is amazing. Imagine what this could to for prevent heart attacks, or even catching them after they happen early enough to intervene.

    • RJC says:

      It would be awesome for that. Really, the applications could be endless if they can keep it well-powered and wirelessly connected.

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