Physics, Psychology, and Escaping from Zip Ties

Found an interesting practical use of physics and psychology, via the ITS Tactical blog:  How to Escape from Zip Ties.  The videos linked there demonstrate several methods for breaking/slipping out of zip ties, should you find your hands bound by them.  (DISCLAIMER:  These techniques are only for use if you are illegally restrained.  I do NOT endorse escaping if you are lawfully restrained [ie. by the police, etc.].  Seriously.  Just don't.)

I am sad that I don't have any zip ties around the house to try this with.

What I found interesting was how these tips made use of physical and social science to keep you free.  Physics, in how the first two videos' techniques work because you are essentially focussing all the strength of your arms onto the tie to break it.  And psychology because of the suggestion to stay passive (don't appear likely to try to escape, so you will have the element of surprise when you do) and to offer your hands to a captor in a "preferred" configuration that will be easier to get out of.  That last doesn't mean you'll get what you want, but it might give you back a little bit of control, if your captor doesn't know what they're doing.

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