iMobots, transform and roll out!

Graham Ryland and Harry Cheng from UC-Davis have developed an amazingly agile little modular robot that can assemble and move in clusters.

A single iMobot module has four controllable degrees of freedom, with two joints in the center section and two wheels, one on each end. An individual module can drive on its wheels, crawl like an inchworm, or raise one end of its body and pan around as a camera platform.

Check out its moves!  My favorite is the reduced-profile one.  It’s totally a tiny Transformer.  As they mention in the article, I can see this type of multidirectional movement being awesome for search and rescue robots.  I’m sure that Tokyo Electric Power wishes that they’d had a few waterproof versions of these lying around.

(cross-posted to Tumblr:  iMobots, transform and roll out!)

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