Just Add Blood: Lab-on-a-chip gives diagnostics in 10 minutes

Yet more proof that we are, indeed, in the future.  A new biochip would be able to do five separate diagnostic tests on one chip, without needing any other reagents, tubing, or electricity.  Add blood, let sit, read.  Easy.

“This is a very important development for global healthcare diagnostics,” says Lee. “Field workers would be able to use this device to detect diseases such as HIV or tuberculosis in a matter of minutes.

“The fact that we reduced the complexity of the biochip and used plastic components makes it much easier to manufacture in high volume at low cost. Our goal is to address global health care needs with diagnostic devices that are functional, cheap, and truly portable.”

Right now it’s just proof-of-concept (ie, no one’s made them for large-scale use yet, and i bet they haven’t even made them for use with particular diseases yet), but I imagine these folks have health care supply companies at their door as we speak.

(cross-posted to Tumblr:  Just Add Blood: Lab-on-a-chip gives diagnostics in 10 minutes)

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