Geo-patterns of addiction

A group in Baltimore is using GPS technology to map the way that drug addicts interact with their city.  Where do they feel safe?  Where do they feel the need to use?  Where do they ACTUALLY use?  What does that say about these areas’ interactions with addicts and their addictions?  Where can interventions take place?

One of the interesting bits:

 “We are getting a good description of what drug use looks like in individuals in real-time and how it maps onto physical space,” Epstein says. And as the team has begun to examine their data and maps, the ecology of drug use in Baltimore has revealed some of its patterns. For example says Epstein, in Baltimore “you have neighborhoods that have drugs without violence, but not many neighborhoods that have violence without drugs.”

It’s an interesting info-gathering exercise:  let’s learn what this actually looks like, so we can figure out the best way to fix it.

(cross-posted to Tumblr:  Geo-patterns of addiction)

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